Sunny day in Bucharest

Now that the warm spring days are finally here, we can all ditch our winter coats and enjoy the sun. One of my all time favourite things to do is take long walks and wander around the city. There’s something about the city on beautiful sunny days that fills me up with such good energy. I’m spontaneous with my walks most of the time but there are also times when I make a plan and take my camera with me. Those days are the best days!

I’ve always had a thing for architecture, I like to observe every little detail and what better place for that than Victory Avenue? I can never get enough of it… You have fashion shops, art boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants, theatres, hotels and more. I should probably write an article about my top spots in the area soon, that would probably come in handy.

In the meanwhile, enjoy the warm weather and maybe skip the subway or the Uber every now and then! 🙂