I wanted to try on a wet look for quite a while now, so when my friend called me asking if I can help her out with this photoshoot I was more than happy. The make-up routine is quite simple but that doesn’t mean it takes less time. It’s all in the details. Highlighter and gloss will pretty much do the trick. Not really a fan of the wet hair trend, but I had to complete the look and I’m not sorry lol.

I find it amazing how make-up can lift my spirits and transform an average day into a really good day sometimes. I am quite shy in front of a camera, I’ll tell you that. Luckily for me I have some really talented friends. Some of them happen to be photographers. That really helps relax and just be myself. It’s easier for me to be the one behind the camera, that’s for sure.

While getting ready for this photoshoot I was a bit nervous. But when I saw the final result I felt excited and no longer worried about anything. Everything from that point on just went smooth. It was the boost of confidence I needed.

Special thanks to my awesome friends Simona (fashion photographer at Neon Studio) and Marcela ( Make-up Artist). You guys rock!